10 Fantastic Examples of Modern Homes to Be Inspired

10 Fantastic Examples of Modern Homes to Be Inspired

A modern house must have a combination of various elements first of all a basic and functional decor, simple and expressive decorations, and finally unusual and intriguing colors. Of course, other features also depend on personal taste and personal needs. To guide you in the selection we have selected 10 images from which to draw inspiration.

Soft and pleasing colors

The soft, pleasing colors of the walls and furniture contribute to a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere.

Luxurious modernity

Luxury is manifested in discretion in this vast space solasbars, where the light colors of the walls perfectly harmonize with dark furnishings and wooden flooring. The environment is comfortable and relaxing.

Contrast is the protagonist

White is a constant in modern furnishings because it allows to brighten and amplify space. However, the total white can be monotonous, so it is good to integrate some contrasting elements that move and personalize the environment and become the protagonist, just like the island in this kitchen.

Wide to originality

To prevent a linear and essential environment, however spacious and bright, becomes cold and anonymous, we can insert some detail that lively and allow us to express our personality. Just a few details an unusual curtain, unusual and decorative arrangement of plants or some colorful object that brings joy.

Mix the styles

It is not necessary to strictly conform to a precise style. We must feel free to mix different influences and inspirations because this allows us to express our personality and to feel comfortable at home.

Character issue

Not everyone has the chance to live in a large apartment but in any case, the important thing is that the space is functional, comfortable and welcoming. Even a mansard can buy luxury and elegance if furnished in the right and personalized way with details and colors that represent us, as in this case the carpet, pillows and the bottom wall.

Timeless matches

If you are undecided about colors to use remember that white, red and black are a foolproof combination. It is important to distribute them in a balanced way to enhance the brightness of the environment.

Tradition and modernity

If you do not feel like daring unusual colors, perhaps for fear of boredom, you can choose the neutral and warm tones of wood and brown for a modern and functional d├ęcor like this proposed by NICARCH.

Eclectic and multi-faceted combinations

A successful mix of genres, ages and colors can be the right strategy for having a modern and versatile home.

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