An Apartment Of 35m² Much Style In A Small Space!

An Apartment Of 35m² Much Style In A Small Space!

When one realizes that in large cities the apartments are getting smaller, especially in cities like Mexico City, you have to understand that times are changing and spaces to live shrink. In small apartments should first be the correct distribution of space, useful to meet the needs of those who live them daily. The minimum size of each environment, sometimes, seems excessively restricted, but with a study of the spaces, the latter could have multiple uses.

This apartment of 35 m² newly designed by the Chris Silveira & Associates Architects, is proof that you can get a unique space with several defined uses, functional, suitable for those people on the go, eating out, going to the movies or theater, but when they come home they feel protected and pampered in this retreat! Very comfortable, even with its few square meters of surface …


A mobile specially designed

The furniture along the wall presents in its various design functions as a kitchen, home theater with indirect lighting above and below, which lightens the vision. The lighting, as we have stated many times before, helps to create the atmosphere, giving the feeling of space, warmth and sophistication.


The main bedroom

For the decor of the bedroom we were chosen the same colors of the living area, the same soft tones and there is great consistency also stylistically. The main feature of the room is the use of different textures. This, combined with the false game, gives the room a unique dynamism!


The bedroom and the balcony

The room has an indirect light, which makes you feel more comfortable in this environment, while the balcony overlooking the outside that functions as both a studio in which to work … brilliant! The palette of color toning color to gray lends an air very sophisticated in this room, accentuated in the office area.

Cherry on the cake

Look at this beautiful picture. This house has it all, different relaxation areas, suitable for adults and children and an amazing outdoor space, even with a swimming pool! The interior and exterior are closely connected thanks to large windows that allow plenty of natural light and make you want to get outside and enjoy outdoor fun!

The rear facade


Before saying goodbye to this wonderful place, let’s take one last look. The house is certainly impressive and the details and interesting volumes. Immersed in its context … who would not want to live here

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