Best Drones Walkera Hoten-X RC

Best Drones Walkera Hoten-X RC

We feel that with this drone we move to a more advanced level of the genre. Its flight stability is truly exceptional and on this price range it is really surprising to find a drone so firm and responsive. Even the construction quality is really satisfactory, despite the really reduced weight the drone still comes with a very solid and compact design. And this high-tech drone does not betray even the autonomy of its battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh, in fact it can even exceed 10 minutes of flight unlike all its competitors between 100 and 200 euros. It is also great for its 6-axis super-equipped remote control with the ability to upgrade flight software. Big and small, beginners and experts will have fun piloting this drone that is really the ultimate in driveability. We did not find any disadvantages and it is a quadricopter that has some high end features.

Selected by the editorial staff – CXHOBBY CX-20


You can consider this drone as an economical clone of the famous DJI Phantom that will cost you less than twice as much as this, and it is the only quadricopter that goes to the professional in every respect on this price range sewa mesin fotocopy jakarta. Its main feature is to have the ability to mount an action camera like GoPro on it, a feature absolutely not present in any other drone that even approaches the price of this model. In addition, this drone has intelligent guidance control as well as two flight modes suitable for any person approaching the quadricopter world for the first time. Finally, the autonomy is also brilliant, as this drone reaches 15 minutes of battery life despite weighing more than the other (about 2.5 Kg). Normally the driving distance can reach up to 300 meters. We did not find any significant disadvantage in this model and we feel strongly advised that drones with these features at this price do not exist at all.

Good quality construction with a design similar to professional drones and the presence of protectors to prevent bumps on the four propellers of the device. The only downside is the battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh which allows it to fly for about 7 minutes, but compared to the other features that are totally unavailable at this price is an irrelevant aspect (also because you can always buy a replacement battery) .

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