Buffalo MiniStation Air 2 Review of Hard Disk WiFi with Integrated Battery

Buffalo MiniStation Air 2 Review of Hard Disk WiFi with Integrated Battery

Buffalo Ministation Air 2 is a wifi hard drive with a built-in 3000mAh battery that can connect to multiple devices at the same time and reload when needed! Buffalo MiniStation Air 2 is a true 1TB hard drive (also available with a 500GB version), which also houses a 3000mAh battery and a circuitry that can create a wifi network with which to stream local and In the case of an internet connection, connect to the network without too much effort.

How it looks

On the metal body, particularly cautious, we find the company logo and the power button, at the top we find a button for creating Wi-Fi networks, a USB 3.0 female and a recharging connector owner (note that it is It can also feed and load the hard drive via USB3.0 but charging times are much longer). On the right side there is a USB 2.0 output for charging devices teknorus, using the built-in battery as a power bank, with a 3000mAh capacity, which can charge a normal smartphone in a couple of hours.

Buffalo MiniStation Air 2 can create a 2.4ghz wireless network at 300mbps, which is very useful when multiple content streams from hard disk to their devices. Buffalo actually declares up to 8 simultaneous access to the disk network and up to 3 streams of HD content simultaneously. The premises are good, so let’s see how it behaves in the field.

How does MiniStation Air 2 work

Buffalo MiniStation Air 2 is equipped with a 3000mah battery and can be safely used without having to carry it behind its charger and without the use of uncomfortable USB cables (3.0).
With the Android and iOS smartphone stores you can download the MiniStation 2 application free of charge, go to the settings of your device and connect to the network created by the disk with MiniStation-xxxxxx SSID, then enter the password on the back of the Air 2 And connect. The connection can also be made via AOSS technology or through the most common WPS (see the instructions booklet) for a safer connection.

With the application you can manage all the contents on the hard disk, upload and download data without any problems, even automatically. Small margin note The Android application is somewhat graphically dated and is better matched with iOS design than with the material design; Is not functional as the files you can play are few and the app itself is not stable (with android 6.0.1 comes with very frequent forced closures).

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