Container Homes Design with Nature Accent

Shipping container becomes new raising star in housing and decoration. This thing has potential to turn into dream house for people. Of course, using container as home is not new idea and application. There is many container homes design that can be implemented based on your preference. One of recommended styles is nature accent. The simplest way to make container home has nature accent is coloring. Actually, it depends on where you put this container. At beach, the suitable colors are grey and light blue. In near forest, the colors are green and dark brown.

Common problem in container is structural integrity. It is true that container can last longer but there is time when container needs to be checked completely. Knowing container structure is better before cutting it in certain spot to install wood frame. Put window and doorframe when using wooden as part of nature style for container homes design. For this matter, you can rely on lightweight wood and avoid heavy timber. Teak is not good option, though it is very good for decoration. Window should be medium and its height is about upper torso. You are able to pass in or out easily. You can use glass to look container to be more modern. One of interesting choices is classic plywood that modified to cover window. This style is suitable for village area.

The main problem in container home is stability. You cannot just put this thing on the ground where soil surface is unstable. Using pillar is alternative to hold container from ground. It is called ground clearance as similar to car for safety measure. You can use wood for pillar and foundation to create more nature accent. If window and door need to be light in weight, pillar is in contrary side. You use strong wood and cover it with chemical compound to avoid termite and insect. It is part of container homes design.

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