How To Treat Blood Pimples With Lemon

As a source of vitamin C, lime is very well consumed to maintain endurance. However, who would have thought if lime can also be used to clean acne that disturb your appearance. Natural properties of lime as a remover of acne has been widely proven. Various kinds of facial care products with basic ingredients of lime are also widely circulating in the market. However, if you do not want to use these products and want to directly use fresh lime as a remover acne, you should know how.

Treat Blood Pimples

Here are effective ways to clear acne with lemon that need to be known.

Smearing Lime Slices Directly

This is the easiest and simplest way to get rid of blood pimples with lemon. You live split the lime, then rub it into the face. The selected oranges should not be too raw and not overcooked (medium maturity level). Citrus with a level of maturity is having abundant water content so it will provide more vitamin C supply to overcome acne. If applying lime to acne, it is advisable to be careful and not to cause injury caused by friction is too hard.

Acne face rubbed with lemon may experience a sense of pain. However, do not worry, the pain that arises is actually caused by vitamin C is working to overcome acne.

Mix, Lime with White Egg

Egg whites are not only delicious if mixed with cooking. Egg whitesome also can be used to overcome acne. As a powerful anti-acne ingredient, the efficacy of egg whites can be juxtaposed with lime. Lime is a source of vitamin C, while egg whites are a source of vitamin B. In addition, egg whites also have a high content of collagen to make skin tight and supple.

How to apply lime with egg whites to clean the acne on the face is to mix it. Squeeze the lime juice in a glass, then mix it with the egg whites that have been separated from the yolks. Stir this mixture until well mixed, then apply it carefully on acne. This method will be better if applied when you will go to sleep. Before going to bed, apply an egg white mixture of lemon juice on the pimple, then let stand until you wake up in the morning. During your sleep, this egg white herb will help you fight stubborn acne.

Mixing Lime with Honey

Honey is used as a mixture of lime, is perfect for treating stubborn acne. Honey is a remedy for various diseases and contains very high antioxidants. When the efficacy of honey is combined with lemon, these two active ingredients can combat acne quickly. The ingredients of honey will restore the inflammation. The way to use it is pretty easy. You live mixing lime with honey. This mixture is then applied carefully to acne. If done regularly, this mixture will help to deal with acne quickly.

Mix, Lime with Warm Water

Warm water can help to open the pores of the skin. If the skin pores open, the active substances contained in the lemon will be easy to seep into the skin. Therefore, if you want to optimize the efficacy of lemon to clear acne, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to mix the lemon with warm water. The way to do this treatment is to squeeze the lime juice. Cut about 2 lime greens, then squeeze the water and collect it in a glass.

Prepare enough warm water in the basin, then pour this lemon juice in the warm water. After stirring by hand, wash this lemon juice on the face that is experiencing the problem of acne. Be careful, do not let this water basin on the eyes because it will cause a painful painful sensation. If you’ve washed the face with warm water mixed lemon, wind-air for a moment your face until half dry. Allow active ingredients to work to restore acne. If it is dry enough, wash the face with cold water to summarize the open pores. To dry this freshly rinsed face, use a sterile towel to prevent bacteria from moving the towel to your face.

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