Make Home Patio Uniquely Yours

To save time and money make use materials and structures found around your home. You may have an exiting wood patio cover that may just need a bit of paint or a little sanding and staining. An old wood deck may need to be replaced with a long lasting concrete slab. Raising the patio floor to the same level as the entrance to your home can make it seem like an extension and create a better transition from inside to the outside.

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Make the Patio Uniquely Yours

Put some personality into your patio design. Step out of the box. Use unusual materials like flat stones or tile for the patio flooring. Make use of color with plants and flowers or with stain or paint. Find an old funky patio chair as a conversation piece. Add a built in BBQ or fireplace that you have constructed yourself out of rock or brick instead of the portable stainless steel item everyone else has.

If you have a swimming pool you may need a changing room and a place to store towels and pool supplies. A small five foot square pool house divided into two spaces, one for storage and one for changing, could provide that much needed space at a minimal cost. A shower that drains into the garden could have the dual purpose of rinsing a swimmer and watering poolside plants.

Whether the patio is constructed of decorative bricks over sand or is built up on foundations made with poured concrete is really a matter of taste, but the materials and colors should fit into the overall landscape theme of the home. Normally a patio is built in the backyard for privacy but often time is built in the front for viewing activities in the neighborhood.

A patio can be a multipurpose outdoor room. It can be used by you and your family to entertain friends and loved ones. You want it to reflect you in every area from the surface to the lighting.

Whether you come up with your own outdoor patio decorating ideas and build it yourself, or have someone build it for you remember the end result and how much you will enjoy it. Read more about Patio and Home Furniture, for more ideas.

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