Mediterranean Style For Outdoor House

Mediterranean Style For Outdoor House

This is a typically Mediterranean-style scenario. An old stone building that has been kept virtually untouched, without sacrificing the necessary comforts the red swimming pool and deckchairs provide a modern and interesting touch.

Asian inspiration

Possessing a patio like this could be a real dream come true. For lovers of the Oriental style, in fact, this corner of land would equate to an authentic paradise on earth. A small corner of peace surrounded by water, where you can distract yourself from everything.

More levels

This exterior has caught our attention for several reasons, first of all the different levels that make it volume and movement jual rumput sintetis. The pool is also freshwater, this is why its greenish color, and this to give as much of a look as natural as possible.

An incredible waterfall

There is nothing to do, waterfalls have an innate charm. It will be for the image they transmit, tied to the sound they produce when they enter the water … it’s almost hypnotic, does not it seem to you Finally, the chromotherapy game you see on the bottom is gorgeous.


This image seems to catapult us to another era, with classical sculptures and stone as the main protagonist. Water and vegetation do the rest, and give the ultimate touch that gives this exterior the most romantic title on the should be thought of as a space in which alternates a continuous stream of Operations that need and can be simplified.

Cozy corners

Then there are cozy corners like this able to leave us speechless. To recreate such an environment is easy, just let the vegetation run its course (in a controlled and responsible manner), arrange two or three pallets decorated with pillows, et voila .. the game is done!

A small pond

Nothing, however, can give romance to a patio like a natural pond, surrounded by rocks, canes, and so much vegetation … maybe with some red fish here and there. A relaxing and natural image, do not you think



For earlier spaces, estimated time for in-depth cleaning is about 10 minutes while for cooking it takes 12 minutes. Start by loading the dishwasher, taking care to remove with a brush the most resistant food residues from pots and cutlery. Then remove the hardened or grease residues from the stoves with a paper roll tear, then spray the degreaser on all surfaces, from the stoves to the work shelves. Finally, remove detergent foam with a clean microfiber cloth.

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