Mountain Bike Shoes – Buying Guides

Mountain Bike ShoesMountain bikes shoes are definitely a must for you who have passionate for these extreme outdoor activities. You have to take into account about the comfort and safety while choosing for this kind of heavy-duty footwear.

There are basically 3 reasons why you need mountain bike shoes:

Less injury while riding

Mountain bike shoes typically have stiff sole which serve as delivering power efficiently across the entire pedal surface. With a stiffer sole, you will have your feet are supported more naturally, while at the same time greater force can be applied without injury.

On the contrary, tennis shoes you usually wear in fact will “fold” around the pedal and cause or transmit bulky pressure to the balls of your foot. This folding effect can be quite harmful to your feet and cause the feeling of “hot spots”.

More Efficient Pedaling

Most of mountain bike shoes are designed to clip into pedals, in which will allow easier not-only-push down on the pedal, but also give power you to put forth force on the upstroke. Moreover, the greatest advantage of this system is that it will help you to balance your exercise so both sides of your legs get to work out.

Keep Your Feet in Place

Mountain bike shoes are able to give steady balance by keeping your feet in place while doing mountain biking which is usually can be truly crazy with bike, pedal and rider all vigorously bouncing in different directions.

What to look for in mountain bike shoes

The most important think to take into account is of course how durable they are.

The second consideration can be how stiff you want your shoe to be since many mountain bike shoes employ different materials for their soles and cause different levels of stiffness.

While the last thought may be how much tread the shoes have. Some shoes are designed in huge, meaty tread for off-road living, while others tend to have more benign, “urban” tread.

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