Popular Landscaping Design Revealed!!!

Exploring nature is a rejuvenating experience. But, Forest exploration might not fit into the daily schedule. Why not bring nature right into your courtyard?

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Landscaping Options
Landscaping brings nature closer to home. It includes many elements: the area, design, weather and others. The over all look depends on the owner’s taste. Some want the effect of water (pools, waterfalls, etc.) and some like stones, rocks, etc.
You must use plants to create a very natural feel. They are most helpful in creating the total effect of the landscape. It cant be just any plant; it should be the correct plant for the area and climate.

Best Choice of Plants for the Landscape
1. Groundcovers These plants are imparative to a landscape because they could serve as backdrops for trees, shrubs, etc. There’s plenty types of ground covers to choose from.

Sun-Loving Sunny areas are considered problematic. Many plants do not like direct sunlight. Juniper groundcovers and hardy perennials are very helpful in resolving this problem.

Shade These plants cannot stand the heat of direct sunlight. They should be used in areas that are not exposed to the sun except for short periods of time. Most of the shade-loving plants are low-growing or mid-sized.

“Attractive” Many flowering plants attract birds, butterflies, bees, etc. It is important to choose plants that grow pollens. Plants like bee balm, holly hock and red columbine attract hummingbirds.

Aroma The garden can be made aromatic by using foliage plants. The lavender perennial plant’s flowers provide therapeutic scent. Its serves as a beautiful border at the same time.

2. Wet Plants Some landscapes come with wet areas like artificial ponds or waterfalls. To avoid leaving it bare, plants that thrive in wet soils are used to give beauty and natural effect.

3. Repellent Plants More than coming up with a good landscape, it is also necessary to maintain it and keep it free from intruders. A few plants are able to repel pests like the deer. Some flowers and ornamental grassens are used for controling decor.

4. Grasses These are helpful in the garden also. There are different types of grasses, the functional type and the ornamental ones.

For those used in the background, consider functional grasses. An example is lawn grass. It serves as an outdoor carpet.

Ornamental grasses appeal more to aesthetics. These are used for decorating and for landscaping like flowers. These could stand alone or could be mixed with trees and shrubs.

Plants are beautiful, but the appropriate ones in a certain design must be selected and properly situated. They must be able to serve their purpose by thriving. This is the only thing to bring nature closer to home.

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These plants grow even more beautiful and healthy with less water; therefore owners get to save a lot of precious water in maintaining the landscape. Also, they get to save a lot of effort and labor fees because there is little need in hiring laborers or doing the task every so often. So it is really best that native plants are used in landscaping than getting exotic ones that aren’t sure to thrive in a different weather and maintaining conditions.


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