Rearrange Your Living Room Apartment

Feel bored with your apartment? Or maybe you want something new with you room? Well, you should rearrange your living room. You don’t need to replace all the furniture. It will cost a lot. Instead of doing that, it is recommended to follow these steps in order to make a great living room apartment. First, place a sketch or painting. Putting it on the wall of your living room will make it more beautiful and different. If you want to create green color, you can hang a mountain or waterfall view. However, if you like art or photograph, you might hang a portrait of city or an abstract sketch. The content of painting is your choice, but make sure it looks good when it is combined with the other furniture.

Second, put some small flower pot. The interior of living room apartment will be more wonderful when you add some small flower pot. It can be placed in the table. Even though it is only some small flower, it gives the different soul of your room. Make sure you choose the bright flower to make your living room brighter. If it is impossible to put flower on the table, then you can place it at the corner of living room.

Third, replacing the curtain or carpet from your living room apartment is needed when you want to rearrange it. As we know, carpet is used to block sunlight that enters your house. But now, it can be a home decoration as well. You can replace your old curtain by choosing a floral curtain instead of a white one, or vice versa. Moreover, replacing your old carpet is also important. You don’t have to buy the expensive carpet. You just have to choose the right color that suits in the theme of your living room. As an example, if your wall is white, you can choose a white velvet carpet.

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