Scoot Unveils Plans for 5 New Destinations in the Next Year

Having previously opened a new route to Europe, now Scoot airline plans to open a new route. Even the tough-hearted plan of the five new routes will be opened the next year. Of the five routes, four targeted the new short to mid-haul routes while another route for long-haul routes.It is also confirmed that scoot will not only open the route far to Athens but also to some other further routes.Maybe in the next few years there will be many new long haul routes opened by scoot as business expansion efforts and growth company’s proof.

Rely on 787 fleet Boeing for Long Haul

In the opening of the new long haul route, Scoot will rely on 787 Boeing fleet. Even the plan will be the addition of the fleet from the current only 14 to 20 fleet.This type of aircraft is designed specifically to serve a long distance flight. The plane used to serve the new route Singapore – Athens also actually use this type of aircraft. In addition to specially designed, this type of aircraft also has a very large capacity for the cabin. Thus, there will be many passengers transported in each flight, so it will be really good to serve many passengers.

Travel Options for Asian Travelers

In addition, it provided convenience for business or education, Scoot is also committed to help facilitate the traveler, especially from Asia. Traveler from Asia can visit anywhere in accordance with what they want by using this Scoot airline. Maybe to Europe only one new route that is to Athens, but the future Scoot Management hopes there is a new route opening. Well, the plan to open the fifth new route is expected to serve their needs as a traveler who wants to visit some exciting tourist locations in Europe.

Focus on Low-Cost Carrier

Meanwhile, the focus of this flight service is for low-cost carrier type. So far, the market share of low to middle class is still very potential let alone the number of people who are increasing to middle level become more and more. Therefore, the offer of low-cost carrier to be one of the most appropriate where the results are also very promising. Flights with that types are usually more in demand and airlines will get a sustainable prospect of profits with this flight.

One effort to develop airline business is to open a new route. Well, so does that done by Scoot Airline who plans to open five new routes as what you can see when you click this site.

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