The Comparison of Canon Printer and Epson Printer, Which One Is Good?

You certainly are very familiar with the 2 best printer brands are Canon and Epson. Not just the benefits of the features provided but in terms of price Canon printer and Epson printer continues to compete to win the hearts of its customers. The advantages of these 2 printers is that canon printers have been very experienced in creating temporary image-generating machines from Epson printers known as printers capable of creating printer machines sharing not just printers, but also scanners and photocopies.

The Comparison of Canon Printer and Epson Printer, Which One Is Good?

Well related to this makes the consumer confused want to choose which one. Well for that, to help solve your confusion problem about the hugecompare of Canon printers and Epson printers. Let’s check article reviews about the comparison between canon printers and Epson printers below:
Advantages and Weaknesses of Canon Printer
Advantages of Canon Printer

The price of a canon printer is relatively cheaper than Epson even though its printer specifications are the same. In addition to its cheap price, other advantages that make canon printer a lot of choice is in terms of quality, which Canon printers are able to print faster. For example, Canon IP22770 series printers that have Black Print Speed ​​capability: 7.0 ppm and Print Speed ​​Colur: 4.8 ppm.
Weaknesses of Canon Printers
In terms of color printing, canon printers are recognized to be superior to Epson printers. So that the printer Canon less suitable in use for printing photos. Currently the canon printer is being transformed into an infusion printer. But unfortunately there are many problems, especially the problem of intravenous system hoses that disrupt the Catridge unit. So if the cartridge is damaged, Canon Catridge price is quite expensive.
Advantages and Weaknesses of Epson Printer
Advantages of Epson Printer

If color printing or photo printing is a weakness of the canon printer, this is one of the hallmarks of Epson printers. Where the color results are generated by Epson printers more natural, sharp, bright so well suited for printing photos. No wonder if Epson printer is widely used by photographers, photo studios or printing business. Because the color print quality is very good.
Weaknesses of Epson Printers
Unfortunately in terms of print speed per ppm, the comparison of Epson printers with canon is reaching 1: 3. Judging from the quality of the prints from Epson Printers turned out to make the ink to be extravagant. Epson printer selling price is quite expensive compared to Canon although the two specifications are almost the

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