The House We Always Wanted Secretly

The House We Always Wanted Secretly

Today we will visit a house that will surprise you for its beautiful interior spaces and for the interesting game between indoor and outdoor. The various environments are in full Mediterranean style. This trend is particularly present in Southern Italy, Greece and southern Spain, and is characterized mainly by white walls, very bright spaces, simply structured, with perhaps colorful furnishings to liven up. This type of housing is usually associated with the presence of the sea. The best way to deepen this project is through the ZEN studio photos!

Vegetation is a fundamental part of the fa├žade

As we said, white is a must in Mediterranean homes and this is no exception! The beautiful white walls are perfect for protecting the interior from the heat of certain locations. To give even more character to this residence is the approach of different materials the ground stone, the pottery of the vases, the wood of the door. Very beautiful the presence of the plants, decorating the exterior and enveloping the facade.

A large bright salon

Entering we are in the living room, where natural light spreads abundantly. The style is contemporary, there are no rustic elements as you might have expected from some outside details. To strike immediately attention is the beautiful stone fireplace, at the center of a wall dominated by colorful paintings and carefully selected objects. The large sofa is a beautiful red light, tinted with the rug. As a whole, the environment is of great modernity and sophistication.


The cuisine fonds the Mediterranean style with the contemporary one


The kitchen is large and very well organized. You see this is the home of food lovers and cookers! This massive presence of white, coupled with ceramics, is a further appeal to the Mediterranean style, with interesting and unique touches, such as the tiled tiles placed diagonally, compared to the worktop.
The dining room a dip in the color

From the chromatic point of view, the dining room immediately establishes a tie with the living room. It is immediately adjacent to the kitchen, but compared to this is much more modern. The dining table has very straight lines and defined geometries and the chairs have an essential design. There is no room for the superfluous here, even lighting is entrusted to spotlights – no great chandeliers.

The patio

The home is enriched by this interesting game of interior courtyards. On the one hand there are wicker furniture and an open space for outdoor meals, on the other side a small green corner, which adds light and liveliness to this passage. Interesting was the idea of ??adding elements that recalled the external vegetation.

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