Trend & Style – Interview with Brothers of Al and Ro Design

Trend & Style – Interview with Brothers of Al and Ro Design

Our appointment with the book dedicated to style is renewed with an interview by our Fashion Editor Franco Lorenzon Rosetta and Alessio Sancioemma of Al and Ro Design.

Once again, the great Italian creativity coupled with the indisputable entrepreneurial skills are the cornerstone of a brand that has become famous in the world market with an extremely versatile and technological product sewa perlengkapan bayi. We are talking about AL and RO DESIGN a young company founded 3 years ago and headed by two brothers with very clear ideas Rosetta and Alessio Santoiemma. Rosetta with a prestigious curriculum in the showbusiness sector, while Alessio, renowned architect and designer, has decided to join forces and passion for fashion, focusing all their energies on this project. The company’s headquarters are located and operates in Abruzzo, supported by a workforce composed mainly of very young employees. The brand’s special features are eyeglasses with a completely different concept than those already existing on the market. In fact, they were the first to introduce themselves to the market with a product made of a rubber mount, flexible and totally recyclable with interchangeable lenses. At the bottom line, they were added later the kids, the multilayer lenses with mirroring method, followed by a new collection in acetate called Formal Collection. Last-born home Coolors a collection of colorful bracelets. To date, they are present with their brand in Brazil, Russia, United States as well as in Italy. A great success (at an affordable price) made in Italy. We discover something more than these two young and certain brothers and their brand in this exciting interview.

Do you tell us about his beginnings in the fashion world
I’ve always worked in the world of show business and in high-level contexts. Fashion has attracted me since I was little. I remember having a deep passion for accessories and shoes as a baby girl. And this is still so! I think I have more shoes than air in my home! Then there is my brother. Architect and designer. He too with a great passion for fashion and research. We looked into our eyes one day and said why not

Who or what has passed on her passion for her work
My family is a businessman. I always ate bread and business and breathed the flavor of the risk, the great satisfactions and even the moments no. But being entrepreneurs is something you have in the blood. A little bit of us

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